Dr Justin Berg

Dr. Justin Berg
Dr. Justin Berg is a proud member of the Greenville community. Originally from Illinois, he and his wife moved to Greenville after they fell in love with the city while on vacation. “We chose Greenville after spending a few days in the area and taking in all it had to offer. We love the beauty of the area, the fantastic weather, and the close proximity to all types of outdoor adventures. We knew right away that Greenville would be a great place to relocate and start a practice.”

Dr. Berg attended Sherman College in Spartanburg. He graduated Summa Cum Laude and received the Academic Excellence Award for having the highest GPA in his class. He is also a recipient of the Milton W. Garfunkel award; this is the highest award given at graduation to a single student who best exemplifies the following qualities: love of the profession, an understanding of the philosophy, willingness to share, and service to the college and community. Dr. Berg became part of the Alignlife network of natural healthcare centers in order to offer his patients a wide range of services to enhance and optimize their health naturally. “Many patients come in the door because of aches and pains and after receiving care they begin to realize how much regular chiropractic care can improve their overall health. Your body is always striving to maintain health, and by maintaining the health of your spine and nervous system you enable your body to maximize that ability”. Dr. Berg began his career in chiropractic after going through his own health crisis and receiving care himself. He injured his lower back while working on a construction site one day and was barely able to walk due to excruciating pain. “I spent three months on bed rest, pain killers, and received three epidural injections all of which did basically nothing. My doctor wanted me to have surgery but I didn’t like the odds they were giving me for success. So I thought I’d give a chiropractor a visit”. After six visits over three days Dr. Berg returned to work feeling 90% better. “I was amazed and grateful, and it brought me to where I am today. My number one goal is to help my patients the same way I was helped.” His interest in community health goes well beyond aches and pains. “Our goal is to improve the overall health of every patient that comes through our doors. We do that first by maintaining the health of the spine, but we also use our other services such as nutrition counseling and toxin elimination to develop the most comprehensive health care plan for the patient.” Dr. Berg is excited to offer his services to the entire Greenville community. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment for a free consultation to see how we can better serve your healthcare needs. We look forward to your visit!

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